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Culture Fit

To suggest we hire for culture fit is probably the understatement of the century. Education and years in the trenches are important, but for us attitude, willingness to seek out opportunities to grow, and passion for what you do stand out as key attributes we look for. Put simply - The most skilled person isn’t the right person if we wouldn’t want to work together.

01 Maintain
  The Standard

Our team are among the best at what they do. It’s easy to lower expectations as you grow.
Maintain the standard and create opportunities for staff to continue to level up.

02 Retention

Retention matters. Not because of the churn-rate in our management reporting, but the impact on rest of the team, and continuity for our clients. Hire those who want to be here, and are aligned in their mission.

03 Good Culture
  Is a Necessity

Creating a rewarding, fun, and interesting place to work isn’t a nice thing to do for staff, we believe that it’s a necessity. This starts with alignment between ours and our teams goals.


We don’t have a structured internship program by design. While we’ve had some great interns come through the doors in the past, we’ve always found that an intern program built and structured around the right individual, their skills, and their areas of interest is always more effective than trying to fit anyone to a prescribed process. With that in mind, if you want to intern at JMD, this starts with your pitch.

The only way to open up an opportunity is to give us a really good reason to want you as part of the team, so now is your time! Take your shot!

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Privacy Policy

ABN: 29 168 275 803

Copyright © 2023 just media design