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As programmatic advertising and ad-tech grows, a by-product of programmatic functionality coming to market is that we now have a digital buying interface to manage what were once traditionally difficult and cost prohibitive channels (such as out of home and TV).

This presents a powerful opportunity - Integrating brand messaging not just across social and digital, but also to on demand TV and out of home, enabling you to truly own your market.

01 On Demand TV

Video on demand (VOD) has fundamentally changed the way consumers access traditional content. Whether it’s via online streaming services, or catch up platforms for traditional networks - Through the very nature of going digital, this has democratised access to historically difficult platforms for advertisers.

We continue to run integrated campaigns across streaming platforms, and through on-demand TV networks to ensure that reach and frequency on a large scale campaign is absolutely guaranteed. These campaigns become even stronger when you’ve got a very specific program, demographic, or location you need to reach.

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02 Digital Out of Home

The advent of the digital billboard changed the game for out of home advertising. For the first time, the barrier to entry dropped substantially, enabling both big brands (who need to run across all markets) and small local business (who may require just a couple of local placements) to run in parallel.

As our world has become increasingly more connected - so have digital screens. From petrol stations, to medical waiting rooms, to bus stops and billboards, we’ve got the ability to hit your local audience at high frequency.

This is perfect for scaling your digital campaigns, and giving your creative the feeling of increased legitimacy by running these at physical spaces. This results in the opportunity to own the market, and create a true integrated multimedia experience.

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“The JMD team are by far one of the most professional content agencies in the country. Their attention to detail and ability to turn a basic brief into a masterpiece is absolutely outstanding and it is what brings us back for more!
Not only is the quality of work amazing, the team involved are an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Andrew McGrath
Social Media, Content & Sponsorship Manager
BCF - Boating Camping Fishing

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