Aspect ratio guide

Did you know that the Aspect Ratio that you export your videos at can have dramatic impacts on how much screen real estate your videos take up in social feeds?

Our cheat sheet makes knowing how to crop your videos simple!

Branded Entertainment/Web Series

Branded video content is the future of video! It’s the new form of web content that everyone is talking about, and is one that we expect will continue to grow dramatically.

Want to start your own series? Our thought-starting checklist makes it easy.

The Iterative Learning Cycle

If someone said to you “how can you guarantee this digital marketing campaign will work?” The real answer is, “you can’t.” However with continuous improvement, you can ensure results improve over time. With this in mind, the Iterative Learning Cycle is the framework to follow.

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Privacy Policy

ABN: 29 168 275 803

Copyright © 2023 just media design