The Power Of Search Intent

It’s by no mistake that tens of thousands of Aussie businesses rely on search as their primary source of traffic, lead generation, and sales volume. When a customer searches for your value proposition and stumbles across your website, they’re primed to buy, so appearing front and centre has always been important.

Search is split into two primary types of activities: SEM and SEO.

Both share a similar objective, they exist to make your website discoverable (and more likely clicked) in search results. SEM is an umbrella term of sorts, referring to the increase of website visibility in search engines using paid advertising. SEO plays a similar role, however relies on organic efforts across your website and content to drive your brand up the search rankings.

01 Google Ads

Running an effective Google Ads campaign can be a true unfair advantage. If you have peers allocating substantial resources to work their way up the organic ranks, bidding your way to the top using ads from day 1 can be a powerful way to drive immediate traffic.

Paid search is one of the most reliable channels that we can influence at short notice. Provided there is search volume, scaling spend up and down means that you’ll never be left wondering where that next lead is coming from.

Google Ads grants you access to a wealth of digital advertising opportunity, whether you’re seeking out appearing on Google Search, wanting to be see across websites on Google Display, or ready to rake in the product sales on Google Shopping.

Our team are Google certified in managing campaigns for you across: Google Search, Google Display, Google Shopping, Google Remarketing, Google Discovery, Gmail, App campaigns, Local campaigns. Better yet, we’ll typically use multiple campaigns in parallel in measured and calculated ways to maximise results.

02 SEO

Every day we help our clients develop and optimise sustainable SEO strategies that build trust with Google, providing opportunities to drive traffic to their web assets.

We see Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as a necessary sequence of ongoing activities. This is first about getting your house in order. Having your website function well and quickly, be readable, have regularly updated and accurate information are all critical always-on activities.

Optimisation and chasing top ranking organic results for a spectrum of keywords can be very valuable for high traffic industries.

In other cases, it becomes an equation: Is it worth the time we’ll spend optimising for keywords for limited local search volume. This is an equation we’ve run many times, and we’re happy to do it with you to help assess how much time and resource the opportunity affords for your brand.

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03 Microsoft Ads (Bing)

Bing represents a unique opportunity in Australia. As the default search engine for many, and given the option to run parallel with Google Ads campaigns, there are a many reasons why running Bing together with Google is worth considering to capture share of market.

With a range of offerings, including: Bing Ads, Shopping Ads and Audience Ads, there is endless ways to capitalise on the opportunity Microsoft Ads presents in Australia. Here at JMD, we take a view of channels in aggregate and will always present the right mix of channels, placements, and campaign types to meet business objectives.

While there is lower search volume (on Bing over Google) in Australia, there is also often lower cost to drive traffic. If your business provides a service and gathers any degree of success from Google Ads, Bing should never be ignored.


04 YouTube advertising

Do you need to capture your audience when they’re in the right frame of mind? We’ve found that when the product and audience align, some of the most powerful brand building activities come from producing amazing video content, and then running this as an ad over commonly subscribed to YouTube channels in your niche.

YouTube presents a much greater opportunity than just pre-roll video. With Shopping Ads, Masthead Placement, an Ad Sequencing, the platform has truly become a full service ad network. Combine this functionality with our full service video production team, and JMD has the resources to build and run best-in-class video campaigns.

We’ve generated hundreds of thousands of leads for our clients through our campaigns and landing pages over the years, and have the distribution team to strategise, design, and drive advertising efforts that get results.

05 Google Display Network (GDN)

We look at GDN as a powerful opportunity, rather than as an extension of your typical Google Ads suite of activity. The uniqueness that comes with GDN is in its placement - With functionality to run ads across millions of websites, across broad and niche interest areas, the scope for GDN is endless.

We use GDN across both cold and remarketing campaigns. Driving broad brand awareness, or through turbo-charged remarketing to help nurture the right audience with tailored messaging to increase conversation rate and reduce leaks in your marketing funnel.

We’ve all seen it before - You check out a pair of shoes online, and somehow they manage to follow you all over the internet as you browse other websites.

Whether it’s top of funnel, or forming part of your remarketing activity, GDN gives your creative true reach across the web.

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“The JMD team are by far one of the most professional content agencies in the country. Their attention to detail and ability to turn a basic brief into a masterpiece is absolutely outstanding and it is what brings us back for more!
Not only is the quality of work amazing, the team involved are an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Andrew McGrath
Social Media, Content & Sponsorship Manager
BCF - Boating Camping Fishing

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