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Running social media content calendars and campaign management is our bread and butter. We use paid campaigns for more than just lead generation and eCommerce sales. For many of our clients, this has become a core pillar in their marketing mix and is the reason why we’re able to guarantee the results we get.

Let’s talk about what this actually means though - Any time you see a paid ad or a sponsored piece of content, this is what we call amplification. It’s the act of putting paid budget behind content or a campaign to push it to a targeted audience.

We generally talk about the process before the channel, because the channels evolve based on your audience, product, and the type of action you need to drive.

01 Organic Content

Ever been tempted to hit that ‘boost post’ button on Facebook? After all, reaching 3,000 people for $15 is pretty tempting! We’ve got a belief that every piece of content on a social media channel should be given the best chance of success (and not left to chance). This means that we’ll run a small ad campaign behind every piece of content that we run in market.

This methodology ensures that your target audience is reached every time you distribute a piece of organic content in a social feed. In industries where reach and frequency matter, this presents a powerful opportunity. It’s no longer enough to post great content to reach your page fans - The act of posting and reaching an audience effectively is what drives results.

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02 Social Media Advertising

We’ve all heard it before: “I need leads for my sales team to sell to” or “we need traffic to drive eCommerce sales.”

Whether it’s producing a sophisticated nurturing funnel, serving unique pieces of content based on key interactions with your brand, and then supercharging your campaign with remarketing and a top-of-funnel traffic. Or you simply just need to get your content in front of the audience you know needs you most, social media advertising campaigns are the most cost effective way to build brand and drive an action.


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“The JMD team are by far one of the most professional content agencies in the country. Their attention to detail and ability to turn a basic brief into a masterpiece is absolutely outstanding and it is what brings us back for more!
Not only is the quality of work amazing, the team involved are an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Andrew McGrath
Social Media, Content & Sponsorship Manager
BCF - Boating Camping Fishing

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