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Ready to give your marketing the upper hand?

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You've probably heard that we Aussies are pretty competitive. We take the phrase "go-big-or-go-home" as a national challenge, and we apply it to everything from our enormous spiders to our endless beaches... and you've guessed it, we apply the same cut-throat winning mentality to our marketing.

At JMD, we’ve been killing it in the marketing world across all platforms for over 10 years, both locally in Australia and in multiple countries around the globe. Including the United States!

We're known for delivering everything from brand identities and product launches to high-quality campaigns and content that actually converts... AND we do it while you're asleep!

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Overnight Delivery

We have a huge unfair advantage over US agencies - The Time Zone advantage. When you brief us (mid-afternoon your time) - our team starts work while you're asleep. This means that we can turn around strategy, creative, shoots, edits, and campaign changes overnight.



When you engage with us, your investment stretches further, and your returns become more resilient. The Aussie to US dollar exchange rate gives you ~40% more! So, every strategic move, creative endeavor, shoot, edit, and campaign change is not just a step forward but a leap ahead.


International GROWTH

We can help you effortlessly unlock global expansion with our unique perspectives on many international markets. Even better, if you're looking to grow your business in Australia, we've got the boots-on-the-ground experience to ensure you nail it first time.

Frequently Australian questions

"Straya" has ALL THE solutions YOU NEED

Marketing Strategy

We craft bespoke marketing plans to boost your brand's presence across multiple channels, engage target audiences, and drive meaningful results, ensuring success in the competitive landscape.

Ad Campaigns

Elevate your brand with expert strategies tailored to the American market. From sophisticated nurturing funnels to large-scale growth campaigns, we've got heaps of experience in crafting campaigns that get results.

Content Design

Whether it's the execution of an ongoing content calendar, product launch announcements, isolated high-end social video content, or campaign management across digital channels – we've got you covered!

Brand Identity

When it comes to brand identity, logos are just the tip of the iceberg. We build entire visual design systems, and supporting messaging structures that resonate, creating a cohesive and memorable brand personality for lasting customer connections.


We believe working with video doesn’t need to be slow, rigid and expensive. It’s all about staying flexible and adapting to constantly changing situations so that you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

Lead Generation

Supercharge your business with targeted lead generation strategies, utilizing cutting-edge techniques to attract, nurture, and convert leads, fueling your growth and maximizing sales potential.

Product Launch

We orchestrate impactful campaigns featuring captivating product videos and insightful collateral, blending creativity and strategy to unveil your product, capture attention, build anticipation, and ensure a triumphant market entry.

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You've just settled down to watch Sunday Night Football when all of a sudden, you remember... You're supposed to deliver a creative pitch first thing in the morning.

Crikey! If only you knew of an agency willing to work through the night to have creative delivered to your inbox by the time you're drinking your morning coffee the next day.

Luckily, you remember a JMD ad you saw on LinkedIn, and you rush to say g'day via the form below...

Our Clients

“The JMD team are by far one of the most professional content agencies in the country. Their attention to detail and ability to turn a basic brief into a masterpiece is absolutely outstanding and it is what brings us back for more!
Not only is the quality of work amazing, the team involved are an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Andrew McGrath
Social Media, Content & Sponsorship Manager
BCF - Boating Camping Fishing

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Privacy Policy

ABN: 29 168 275 803

Copyright © 2023 just media design